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Frequently asked questions

Here are the most common asked questions we get


Q:  Are the board members paid in any way for their time?

A:  All of the board members are 100% volunteer and do not get paid or compensated for their time.

Q:  I just purchased/inherited a piece of land, that I have never been to.  How can I find my property.

A: You can find your property on the county assessors' website.  (Click the link below).  You will need your parcel number to look it up.  You should be able to get that from the party or representative you purchased from.

Q:  I am new to the community.  How can I become a member?

A: Welcome to our community.  If you are in the area, we would like to invite you to join us at one of the community meetings.  We know that is not always possible.  There are several ways to pay.   Click the link below and it will take you to our contact and payment page. 


​Q:  What does the $25 dues go towards?

A: The Community Owners Association $25 annual voluntary dues go toward paying for a dumpster on dumpster day, and the pinion newsletter.  We also plan events throughout the year, such as funfest, yard sale, and parade of lights.  The fund help pay to put on those events.  The voluntary fee is very affordable and has never been increased.

​Q:  What are the regulations for the area.

A: The best place to check for rules and regulations is on the county website (Planning and Zoning) 

​Q:  Why can't the Ranches Community Association provide a well for the property owners that have to haul water.

A: We as a community cannot provide a well for many reasons.  We cannot own property to have a well drilled.  The Division of water resources will not approve a well in the area that is drilled to service multiple properties.  The wells allowed are for the parcel that the well is drilled on. For more information on wells please visit the Division of Water Resources webpage. 

Q:  Why is the board not enforcing the covenants?

A: As the by-laws currently read: Protective Covenants established by the Forbes Organization must be recorded and incorporated by reference in lot deeds. If so, enforcement of these Covenants shall be by proceedings at Law or in equity to restrain violations or to recover damages in the District Court of Costilla County.

In short, we would have to take them to court. This takes time and money. This is a by-law we will be voting on at the August meeting 2023.

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